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Dealer Tool Kit - suggestions?

Could anyone please share his view on what it would be? I guess anyone found in a hard way that having this or that (including software) could save...

Trying to have something like the old one PM-DTK Dealer Tool Kit (crimp tool, chip puller, DMS test panel, wire tester, PM-PLCNM, ESD kit).

Thanks in advance.


  • I have two kits. 1- for complete install and a second for onsite troubleshooting. The install kit is complete with everything and the kitchen sink. The 2'nd kit I have my handy dandy tweeker, wire strippers, a handful of all AMX connectors, 9-pin connectors and shells, LAN cable, small multi-meter, spare PS and the 1-800 number to AMX tech support(who are always willing to help out :cool: ). :)
  • - phoenix & mini-phoenix plugs
    - various test cables (normal/crossover) RS232 & CAT5
    - various known good device specific test cables (VISCA, HIROSE, etc)
    - RJ45 crimper and connectors
    - wire cutter/stripper
    - RJ45 barrel-thru connector (for extension if needed)
    - DB9, DB15, DB25 connectors
    - various gender changers
    - tweekers
    - mini flashlight
    - VGA cables and adapters
    - VHS tape
    - audio CD
    - test DVD
    - audio cassette tape
    - mini-disc cartidge
    - 35mm test slide
    - spare 12v power supply
    - soldering tools
    - short lengths of various wire (pair, 5-cond, CAT5, etc)

    I realize that this sounds like a lot, but when you are onsite working with a system, and you have what you need, it is worth its weight in gold!

    Actually, this all fits in a small case with my laptop.
  • Your laptop case sounds like mine, probley why I'm 2 inches shorter on the side I carry it. I also usually carry a coke and Hershey bar for those long nights :)
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