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IS-SPX 1000 & 3G


Does anybody has ever installed an IS-SPX 1000 with a 3G Connection
What is needed (else than a player and a key 3G)
How to ?


  • champchamp Junior Member Posts: 261
    I looked into it but never implemented it.
    The biggest difficulty i found was that most 3g keys have a built in router so the IP address it assigns your SPX is a private address so remote connections must be initiated by the player.
    This means i could only get content into the player by setting it in pull mode, i couldn't just push content in whenever i felt like it.
    Apparently it is possible if you get the ISP to set up a VPN, at his point i decided that a regular adsl modem is much easier.
  • Dave_UKDave_UK Junior Member Posts: 54
    I was looking at doing this for a project using an external 3G router like the Teltonika RUT104 as opposed to a USB stick. Spinetix recommend that you have some sort of a firewall between the signage player and the 'big bad world'.

  • I had tried using 3G connection to pull RSS feed from a local new provider.
  • dbilthousedbilthouse Junior Member Posts: 5
    I've done it on a few remote/temporary installations. Pretty basic, but use a TP-LINK TL-MR3020 router for the 3G/4G stick. Setting up the 3G through the AMX player interface is ummm... not exactly the simplest process. The TP-Link has one LAN port which you can just set to DHCP and plug the player into. Very easy setup but the TP-Link only works with certain wireless cards.
  • 3G or 4G router

    honestly, the best approach nowadays is to get a 3G or 4G router. that way you can have the player connected to the router allowing you to configure port routing to access that player from anywhere.

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