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IR files for Rotel

Hi everybody

I'm looking for IR file for Rotel RCC1055 - RDV1060 - RSP1068 - RT1080
All units are in my demo room. I looked for an Iris but it is very expensive in Canada.

Somebody can help me ?


  • The Rotel website has Pronto files for everything they have. Just copy the code and drop it into IREdit.

    Kevin D.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I'm not sure about the others, but the 1080 for sure has RS-232 control as well.
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163

    Tanks guys

    RS232 are present on all models, but since it is my first experience with AMX (I'm working on my demo room presently) i want to explore all ways. I programmed my Vidikron in RS232 and I use IR codes for audio component, for the moment. I'm not familar with RS232 command and i would like to experience it with one unit before apply to all system.
  • jeffacojeffaco Posts: 121
    Just FYI: I have some a Rotel module up on SourceForge (see http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/netlinx-modules/NetLinx-Modules/Rotel/) in source form.

    This works with RS-232. RS-232 is a way better way to control the Rotel; using RS-232, you can get feedback with 2-way panels.
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163


    I will follow your advices
  • DenisDenis Posts: 163
    RS 232 vs Rotel

    Tanks Jeffaco

    I looked Rotel module, but tey are not for my models, I suppose as each model has the specific module, and I have to tell you as I have to learn to work with module.

    In the other time, after installation of all system, ( RS232 command for Vidikron projector Ir for Rotel units) all work well exept my Rotel DVD.

    I followed Rotel protocol and command listing, but it donsen't work. The RX TX led on master blink ( RX some time only). My serial cable seem good...

    Somebody can help me ?
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