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Problem with No-IP

Hi all,

I have a residential installation which is using NI-3000 without fixed IP but would like to make use of free service provided online such as No-IP.com. However so far I have not been able to configure it to work seemlessly. I was wondering if any of the senior here has make use of dynamic dns to successfully make accessing the NI-masters remotely possible. I would really appreciate if anyone of you can provide me with some insights, Thank you!



  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 677
    What I'm doing at my home is to use a router which supports Dynamic DNS. When it goes online, it will automatically launch that service, and with a costfree account at dyndns.org, and some router port forwarding, I have connection to my NXI. This works pretty well.

    AFAIK someone in the forum also has written a DynDns module, so you don't need a router capable for that service.
  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Junior Member Posts: 727
    There are modules available to support DynDNS.org from a Netlinx master. You could look into those if you don't have a router that directly supports one of those services, or a server that will be running 24/7 on the client's LAN.

    - Chip
  • Irvine_KyleIrvine_Kyle Junior Member Posts: 67
    I simply use equipment monitor out module from AMX, it's free and works like a champ, also if you are saavy at HtML parsing you can use this link.

  • tom goeztom goez Junior Member Posts: 75
    Problem with No-IP

    I use No-IP for my home system so I can monitor it while at work or out of town. Works fine for my two systems. My reply is probably not what you want to hear!

    Tell us what is not working "seamlessly" and maybe someone can help.

  • no-ip

    I too use no-ip for my systems at home. That gets me into the home network, but still requires port-forwarding in the router to direct port 1319 traffic directly to the NetLinx master. Once the port forwarding (or "Virtual Server") setup was done, everything runs smoothly.

    Previous suggestions for DynDNS module and Equipment Monitor are also valid. Equipment Monitor also includes email notification feature--very cool. For true logging and reporting info on your system (or your client's system), you'll need to move to the Asset Manager or Meeting Manager.
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