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Sometimes could not touch a button on MXD-430

If I touch 10 times a display of MXD-430 then it answers 6-7 times only.
But during Calibration procedure a cross is following my finger without any problems.
A project for TP has only one momentary button and firware was updated to latest version.
Any suggestion?


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    AlekseyAleksey Posts: 22
    Ok guys, it was late and I was tired when I wrote this silly question.
    If you have a transparent image in a button don't forget to set Touch style to Bounding box.
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    gregrgregr Posts: 54
    Same Issue with MXD-430's

    Well, Alexsey, your question may not be that silly.
    I have encountered the exact same issue with a one just recently installed. The touch sensitivity seems to be very inconsistent. It also seems to vary according to the areas on the touch surface, ie touches on the bottom and right seem to have a harder time producing a push. And I have made sure all buttons are bounding box. Even the setup pages have this tendency, so I am not suspecting my file. A second panel ordered as advance exchange produced same results.

    And like you, I found the calibration page to be spot-on and much more sensitive. AMX, is there a change taking place between the "raw" panel touch sensitivity exhibited by the calibration page and that of any pages when loaded with a file?

    This needs to be looked into. I'm afraid my customer will quickly become frustrated with this panel.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    The edges on that panel are definitely less sensitive than the center. Any buttons along the edge you will want to be a good healthy size so the actual press isn't right up against the frame.
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    champchamp Posts: 261
    Been there, done that, not so silly.
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    gregrgregr Posts: 54
    Thanks for the verification, Dave. Whenever I encounter oddities like this, I suspect my programming before I suspect the product.

    Again, the calibration test page seems so much more responsive that I cannot help but believe it's something that can be fixed in firmware.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    gregr wrote: »
    And like you, I found the calibration page to be spot-on and much more sensitive.
    Maybe the calibration page bypasses or disables the swipe logic which often causes latency or the need to basically double tap to get a gosh darn button push to work.

    While I like the swipe feature and everyone expects it nowadays I'd often like a disable button if it ain't gonna work properly so we can at least get consistent pushes.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I've been avoiding swipe functions and the like, because they aren't as responsive as an iOS device, and people are expecting that. They need to make them "real," not just another way to generate a button press. That is, the screens would have to be dynamic, and as large as what is needed to display their content, and treat the physical size of the display as a viewport, not the entire page. Of course, I think the days of dedicated panels are on the way out, and it's all going to be mobile devices and tablets pretty soon, so a change like that in the TPD architecture is needed in any case.
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    I too was suspecting this was a symptom of the wholly unsatisfying swipe detection in G4. There's some hope of the G5 doing it at least closer to right, given the apparent adaptation of ANDROID tech.
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