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Duet Error

Hi all,
Got a question for you, I have downloaded the Russound SMS3 module that AMX has released lately, but, when I try to compile it, it gives me the error:
ERROR: (0): L20219: File not found: [devicesdkrt.jar] version [1.8.0]

The "devicesdkrt.jar" file does exist and i have a valid path for it in the Netlinx compiler options.
Tried to reinstall the latest Netlinx Studio software but to with no luck.

Got any ideas?



  • Ronen,

    this error indicates that you still don't have the Duet Runtime Environment to v1.8 installed. v1.8 was released a few weeks after Studio 2.5 was available, so it's still not part of the NSX installation.

    Updating the Duet Runtime Environment is done by WebUpdate.
    When Webupdate has beenn started,
    1) click OPTIONS, check the "Ignore existing installed applications..", so you get all tracked applications.
    2) click "Check for selected updates"
    3) now you should get several apps listed
    4) select "Duet Runtime Environment" only
    5) download and install it

    Hope this helps,
  • Ronan,

    This happened to me recently too (different module) - my Duet Runtime Environment was V1.7 and the module was V1.8.

    It turned out, in my case, that there was a second .jar file posted with the module which allowed 1.7 or 1.8 DRE to be used. At that time V1.8 DRE was beta and the module was posted with both flavours.

    You could see if both were posted.

    What I am not sure about is any issues regarding backward compatability of modules..will a V1.8 DRE compile a V1.7 DRE based module?

    Would think so, but haven't tried it.
  • RonenRonen Posts: 55

    Thanks for the answer, i can't use the webupdate here in the office, i think it's because of some firewall rules...

    I'm gonna try this at home later on today, but it seems that you are right.

    i'll post for any changes


    p.s. have any idea what ports should be open for webupdate?
  • Ronen wrote:
    p.s. have any idea what ports should be open for webupdate?

    Hm, only port 80 is required... But for me it's similar. In company, i can do webupdate without any problems, but at home I get curious error messages from webupdate although I use the same user and pass for login at AMX..... :(
  • RonenRonen Posts: 55
    All Good

    finally I managed to download the duet runtime update... and yes it solved the problem.
    Thank you all again for the help!

    Btw I had to disable the windows firewall and my hardware firewall (Fortinet) for it to work...
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