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Newbie code question help please!

KeithJustKeithJust Junior MemberPosts: 18
Hi guys.

Wondered if anyone could help me with an efficient way of doing this?


If output X is turned on

Then turn on input X,X and output X,X

If output X is turned off

Then turn turn off input X,X and output X,X

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • TonyAngeloTonyAngelo Code Monkey Posts: 315
    A channel event should would work
              // Turn on output X,X
              // Turn off output X,X
  • KeithJustKeithJust Junior Member Posts: 18
    I am having a hard time knowing what channels to turn on and off. When I look at what is being sent and recieved from the switch it looks like a hex string. For example if video input #2 goes on and I want to then turn on video input #3 and #4 and also turn on video output # 3 and #4 how would I do that?
  • jazzwyldjazzwyld Registered User Posts: 199
    What type of switch are you talking about? Is this just an a/v switch? It sounds like you want to do matrix switching, if you can describe it a little more, someone may be able to help you.
  • KeithJustKeithJust Junior Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for the reply guys! The switch is a PLH-VS8 and is running under a DXP program which only uses composite video (which is ok for some zones but not for others). I was looking for a way I can get some of the zones to route component video. I thought a good way would be monitor the composite outputs and when a certain one is turned on to have a small additional piece of code turn on some inputs and outputs based on monitoring that composite output. Hope this makes some scense to you guys. Thanks again for your help!
  • siebsieb Junior Member Posts: 9
    Yes there is. See my reply under Netlinx Studio...

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