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Can't Find Cable

JeffJeff Junior MemberPosts: 374
I've got a bunch of projectors (Sanyo PLC XU48) that don't have a D9 RS232 jack on them. They've all got 8pin miniDIN connectors. I'd really rather not make my own cables for all of these, I'd much rather buy 8pin miniDIN to D9 short cables and putting my own D9 extension cables. However, I can't really figure out where to find these cables anywhere. I've seen cables with those two ends for specific devices, but I can't find pinouts for exactly what they are. Does anyone know where I can find this?



  • steverstever Junior Member Posts: 2

    Sanyo sells the cable you need, the model # is POA-MCSRL. "List Price" is $40.00.

    Any Sanyo LCD dealer should be able to supply these cables for you.

    Sanyo LCD Dealer Locater: http://us.sanyo.com/business/projectors/dealer.cfm?showFileID=407

  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    we use mini din to 9 "loose wires". We can then solder the loose wires to a 9 pole D-Sub connector according to the wanted pinout :)
    Little soldering required, but it beats the 40$ price-tag the original cables have :p
  • JeffJeff Junior Member Posts: 374
    That'd be perfect . . . . where do you get those?
  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    i have NO idea, but it's somewhere in the Netherlands ;)
    I will check out manufacturer + part number for you tomorrow :)


    Intronics, it's an Apple 8 pin mini din cable :)
  • JeffJeff Junior Member Posts: 374
    So you're just buying those cables and chopping them in two? I see the 8pin-8pin cable, but not the loose wires you described.

    Sorry for the ignorant questions ;)

  • VLCNCRZRVLCNCRZR Senior member Posts: 216
    Sanyo RS232 cables

    I've got a bunch of these (the ones that actually come with the projectors).

    I dont use them because we usually snake the control cable through the
    mounting pipe, and these usually have a big ferrite bead on them.
  • JeffJeff Junior Member Posts: 374
    Your Sanyo projectors actually come with the things? I'm jealous. I ordered a bunch of projectors that my dealer ASSURED me were 232 controllable and that I'd have everything I needed. Then they came without adapters and the dealer couldn't locate the protocol. Nice ;)
  • steverstever Junior Member Posts: 2

    The projector series is what makes the difference as to whether or not a control cable is included, and as you discovered the XU's are not shipped with an RS-232 cable.

    Projectors that are not shipped with RS-232 cables include all ultramobile units (XU, XW, XL) and the smaller "home theater" projectors.

    If you are still in need of the protocol, go to this URL and you can download protocols for the entire line (minus the new DLP models??). Also available are the IR codes, drawings, and lamp lists.


    Steve Rynbrandt

    edited to add URL, oops!
  • JeffJeff Junior Member Posts: 374
    Thanks, I did eventually manage to find the protocol afterwards, I was just frustrated with how difficult Sanyo's website was to use.

    For example, if you go to sanyo's website and find the XU48 projector, there's no link to the protocol there. Why on EARTH would it not be linked there?

    Bleh. Stupid manufacturers
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