how to send AVP_KEYS?

adysadys Junior MemberPosts: 395
My AVP remote is damaged before I learned it...

I want to use the IR CODES that in the manual.

From what I undestand, I need to send this command via AVP_KEYS?

Can anyone exaplain how to start with it?
I didn't find nothing on the manual and in the forum...

The last UI module support only part of the commands I need ( table 4 at the module document), and in the manual I have text commands...




  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 669
    When talking about the AVP_KEYS= command, I assume that you talk about the MAX4Plus NetLinx module.

    The command syntax is
    SEND_COMMAND <Virtual Device>,'AVP_KEYS=<zone>:<values>'
    SEND_COMMAND vdvMAX,'AVP_KEYS=1:29' // To zone 1, PLAY key
    SEND_COMMAND vdvMAX,'AVP_KEYS=1:2|3' // With the pipe symbol you can send several keys in one single command Here:Zone 1,  "1" and "2abc" keys
    The DUET MAX module has some more key numbers (where numbers 1..49 are the same arrangement), and handling and syntax are different.

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