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DL2 DISTINCTION SERIES cable hookup help needed.

I need a view of the back to see where and what cables goes into. I have the manuals but too much information to absorb.
My brother and I used to listen to it in the 80's and it's been stored for many years. I miss him and want to bring out those good memories .


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    We're both quite new here, but I've been a Crown customer for decades, since 1975. I have a DL2C/PS too, fully operational; running now. Correct; they are very complex pieces of gear, but in basic connectivity not that much more difficult than a plain-Jane receiver. Audio-out goes to audio-in. I take it your post here is similar to the one under, "General Discussion". To be of greatest assistance, it would be ideal to talk, where we can cover a lot of information much more quickly. Where are you? I'm in north Georgia, USA; where are you? Before getting into connections, some other things must be addressed first. Among them, (1.) How long have the DL2 and power supply been stored, I assumed un-powered? (2.) What kind of environment were they stored in? Attic? Garage? Basement? Dusty? Clean? Were the units covered in plastic bags and boxed? How about humidity? The reason I ask is that I restore old audio gear and machinery, and before powering up things that have been unused for long periods of time, it is wise to perform a comprehensive evaluation first.
    Let me know.

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    Well hi just found your comments thus morning.... i have been working on getting my stereo to function properly and educating myself with the help of people like you that is kind enough to take the time to help me thru this.
    I am completely overwhelmed in thus endeavor but managed to learn alot already but by no means very knowledgeable ... just sayin . I am learing a new language is what i can compare it to.
    Its been awhile since i posted this and since then i have most of the cables figured out. My power button was stuck and i had to take one of the other ones and replaced it. I am using one of my crown Sa2 amplifier and hooked it up yo the preamp controller and one of the B&W 801 speakers and this seems to be working. Now i just tried to hook up the other one to the other speaker but it doesnt work. I know both speakers work but i dont have it hooked up right and thats' where i am now stuck at.
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