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Crown i-Tech 4x3500hd fans

I need to replace fans for Crown i-Tech 4x3500hd. Please send me numbers of parts or exact names of fans. I know only that big fan is nidec and small is san ace.
Thank you.


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    JensenJensen Posts: 9

    Any adminds here who can help??

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    You'll need to contact Tech Support for this. I don't have access to individual components, their availability, or their exact part numbers.

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    estoy a tus ordenes

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    Hello, I have been having 2 types of errors, does anyone know what I should do?

    Help me please!

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    4x3500 HD
    Noise on Speakers without Input Signal!! Many of them like 12 Powers!
    Any one Happend this before?
    What I had to do?
    Best Regards

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