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XTI-6002 power button pushed in and won't come back out

Have tried to get support from Harman for this issue and it seems like even they don't have a good breakdown of parts for these Crown amps. I explained the problem to the support rep on the phone and told him I was pretty sure I need the actual electrical part of the power switch that is soldered in. He seemed to understand somewhat but couldn't view an exploded drawing for some reason. He said he was fairly certain he had the correct part and sent me the long internal plastic pushrod which connects the front button to the switch itself. Seriously? Has anyone else had to perform this repair? Have a good part# ? Any information would be helpful. I have not actually taken the amp apart just yet, but spoke to a very reputable amp tech locally and he said he's had to replace them before and it has been the electrical switch. I am so frustrated for the lack of support on such a high end unit. What do large touring outfits do if they need a part while on tour? I waited over a week for this thing to be shipped first class mail, just to receive the wrong part.


  • JensenJensen Posts: 9

    To be honest, i too was so sick of their lack of customer support too. Even though i think their products is great, i was simply tired of not receiving any customer services.
    I decided to switch to Behringer instead. I found one i like at sale on https://avxperten.dk/ , but im worried that it wont be as good. So please Crown, upgrade you service level, and i will remain a faithful customer.

  • HARMAN_MannyHARMAN_Manny Posts: 6
    edited March 2019

    @JWhiteker ,

    Generally speaking when the issue you are describing happens it usually is because the push rod has fatigued and needs to be replaced. Very rarely is it the switch behind the pushrod, but it can happen.

    The part number for the rod is 140432-1
    The part number for the switch is 132498-1
    The part number for the gromet (which sometimes cracks) is 138858-1

    I am not a service tech so I'm not entirely certain what is involved in doing the physical repair. It may require soldering/soldering skills. Unfortunately we do not share schematics and service manuals for current products, so you may be on your own if you want to perform the repair yourself.

    Hope this helps,


  • lo conseguiste?

  • need to order a trident push rod, but not have stock in australia, anyone help as online seems to be out of stock crown 4000 xti trident push rod part number 140432-1

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