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Old Crown Pre-amp model SL-2

Where can I get help repairing on old Crown pre-amp model SL-2? One channel is not working.


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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230

    I'd suggest HARMAN Pro Tech Support. You can find contact info in the sticky thread at the top.

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    Generally speaking tech support is unable to help much with vintage products like the SL-2 as Harman no longer keeps parts in stock. Your best bet is to track down a local vintage audio repair shop, who generally specialize in the repair and service of older equipment.

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    Troubleshooting should be fairly straight forward. It's multiple stages of opamps with only the front end of the phono preamp having discrete transistors. If a scope is available you should be able to inject a line-level signal into both channels, follow the signal's path from stage to stage while having a working channel as a reference if anything looks strange or distorted in the channel being investigated. Schematics should be available from Crown's website. I've owned the SL-2 for nearly 30 years and it wasn't new or working when I got it. Other Crown equipment in my system include DC-300A, D-150 and D-75 amplifiers. I wouldn't have anything else. What I am in desperate need of is the illuminated POWER switch for my DC-300A. It's a LEVITON brand rocker switch with a red Fresnel lens backlit with a neon bulb.

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    yo te puedo ayudar

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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Verify those pesky output relays!

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