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Im trying to get a copy of the powered by crown app; however, all the links lead to the Apple store and all I get is a message saying the app is not available.

Any help appreciated.


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    Unfortunately the Powered by Crown app is currently removed from the App store because it doesn't work in newer versions of iOS. It may be fixed and re-released at some point, but I do not have a timeline on this. It's entirely possible that this software will be discontinued as it was designed for use with the USB-X which was discontinued a few years ago.

    In the mean time, you can generally use Audio Architect to configure, control, and monitor your amps. You can also use our Motion Control software on the App Store to do remote monitoring with your Iphone/Ipad but this is an advanced feature that requires a fair amount of configuration. You can download audio architect here.


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    NickWoodfordNickWoodford Posts: 5
    edited May 2019

    Hi - thanks for the info. I have setup audio architect and have been trying to make a control panel for my setup, which consists of two xti 2002s. When i try to add input / output meters or output attenuators for these amps, i get a message saying these parameters are not supported in motion control. Is that correct? My primary requirement for a remote control is to be able to view and adjust the output.

    If this cannot be done in motion control, is there any other way to set this up?

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    I would love to have this app available. I am using a DCi 4|1250N in my home and I would like to quickly load different tuning presets for movies vs music etc.

    I understand this is kind of a niche request. As an alternative, do you know if this could be accomplished with a Contrio EC-4B?

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    Anybody Knows Whta Preset are in The Omnidrive in the 3500 HD?
    1 Full range
    2 3 way

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    Where can I find legacy SW updates and the Cloader 2.19 SW? Doesn't exist on the current Crown/Harman website.

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