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CROWN XLS 1002 For Home Theater Questions ( NOOBIE HERE)


I will be setting up my home theater using the Denon 8500H as well as THREE Crown XLS 1002 Drivecore amplifiers in bridged mode to power my Left, Center, Right speakers. I am Using the Klipsch THX Ultra II KL-650 for my LCR's.

My questions are: What setting for the Selectable input sensitivity on the CROWN should be used ; 1.4Vrms and .775Vrms should I use? Will there be audible "noise" as the sensitivity on the speakers are 97dB @ 2.83 volts / 1 meter ?

                              Each CROWN Amplifier will be used in bridge mode for a total of 700Watts at 8 ohms to power each speaker. The KL-650 speakers are rated for  150 watts maximum continuous (600 watts peak). Assuming the volume knob does not get turned on full I was told by my CROWN dealer that this would be acceptable. Any thoughts / concerns? 

Is there any benefit to run XLR to RCA interconnect cables between the AVR and the Amplifiers? VS RCA to RCA.


  • Use the 1.4 setting unless your Denon will not drive the amps loud enough. With those speakers I suspect it will. There is no benefit to running an RCA to XLR cable as it will still be unbalanced.

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