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How much wattage at each speaker?

Commercial space, they have 7 speakers rated at 6ohm (maybe 8ohm, not sure) 140w peak, connected in series, If I was to use a with a 1000w amp, how much power would each speaker get? I am fairly certain it is not as simple as 1000/7= ~143. Is there a calculator available to just plug in the amp power and the impedance of each speakers and get the wattage at each speaker?


  • If we calculate right, 7 speakers at 6 ohms is 42 ohms... What is the power rating (xW) of the amplifier at 42 ohms? not much... So it would not be 1000W/7 but ((xW)@ 42R)/7. Hope it helps.
    However there is what we call distributed amp : amp uses an output power transformer, at a certain voltage (say, 70V) and all speakers have an appropriate transformer for the 70V source.


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