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Switching on & off ?

hi, we have in our movie theater four XLi 2500, plus one XLi800 plus one XLi 1500. Plus another one, I can't read the type.
My question is whether to turn this equipment off, when it is not in use, ie from 11:30 pm until ,2pm the following day. I would prefer to avoid the heat generated by the equipment being left switched on, but I am given to understand that switching it on & off every day could/might/will shorten it's life &/or affect its reliability. What is your recommendation as the designer & manufacturer ? Thanks in advance, Robert


  • For long periods of time I can recommend powering off amps, because of the heat they generate. This more likely recommended for transformer amps. Usually, SMPS powered amps, can be left powered up, they generate some heat but can also go into sleep mode more efficiently than transformer powered amps.
    I believe the XLi series uses toroidal transformers.
    All comes down to how much it costs to keep power on these beasts! :)

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