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No Standby Mode or Trigger? What?

Hi, I just received a couple of new Crown XLS1502 amps, and realized they don’t have 12v triggers or input signals monitoring for standby. Can’t believe I missed this when amp-shopping. Also can’t believe Crown doesn’t have a simple way to initiate standby. This is such a common feature, I just assumed it was there. Live and learn... now that I have these, I guess I will have to activate them via a power strip with a master plug configuration. Is there any issues that you know of, turning the amps on from a switched outlet or power supply, versus using the power button each time? Thanks!


  • It has a switch closure standby setting that can be operated with a simple relay from your 12volt trigger. However, this doesn't turn the amp completely off and it flashes the power led's when in standby. Many users find this unsatisfactory. That leaves us with a switch power strip or an index finger. I plan to us my finger when I get my amp.

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