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Vintage PS200 Questions

DaveWilliamsDaveWilliams Posts: 2
edited October 2019 in Crown Amplifiers

Have two recently acquired PS200s. Good values on Ebay. Both clean. One for $88, (older?) gray paint with rack handles, one for $150, newer black paint plain face version.

Both have small "personality issues."

The rack handle version with the signal presence panel and lighter paint has a slight pop at power-up and sometimes but not always at power-off. Sweet sound and perfect performance.

The black paint version has left channel that is slow to resolve the IOC light when it powers up from cold. Sometimes takes a minute. Signal from the that side is distorted then, but it always clears. Once warmed up, that side resolves from red, literally maybe only a second after the other side. Sweet sound and perfect performance.

Slotting one of these gems into a 6U rack and installing it at our cottage. Any thoughts on their particular twitches and which one is most likely to not need pulled if I put in the time to install it for use?


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