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crown 1c-150

does the IC-150, support cd/dvd input and if so how should it be wired , into what input port ?


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    Yes! There are only two basic types of signal sources in Hi-Fi equipment: a) low-level (around a few millivolts,such as the raw output of a phono cartridge and b) high or line -level (around a few hundred millivolts) from sources that have some built-in amplifying stages such as a tuner, open-reel tape recorder, optical disc players (CD, Mini-Disc). So to answer your question any Line-Level input of an IC150, IC0150-A, Straight Line ONE, Straight Line TWO or the Distinction Series Control Center can accept a line level input device via either the AUX, TAPE or TUNER input jacks as these are all the same electrically, just a naming difference on the input jacks and Input Selector Switch.

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