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lxi3500 amps channel 1 clipping at 30% gain

Channel 1 clip light coming on at 30% gain injecting pink noise at unity gain. No speakers/load connected. Channel 2 is ok get about 75%. E-mailed crown and they would not release schematics. Took main board out and checked almost every channel 1 component out verifying against channel 2. Hard to troubleshoot with out schematics or service manual. Have found no issues but still clipping led comes on. Any ideas / help appreciated.


  • eenaefeenaef Posts: 3
    Ok decided to take some voltage measurements. Turned gain on both channels to about 70% where channel 2 starts to clip. (Channel 1 clip led on pretty much solid.) Measuring AC across output:
    Disconnected main board from output board a measured same voyages at stabs on main board. In process zapped my self on the heat sinks. Noticed both heat sinks are at same voltages too in reference to case ground. This seems bit odd. Anyway really looks like only 1/2 channel 1 is firing. Probably a simple fix like a 20 cent board fuse I just can’t find it. Sure wish crown would release a schematic! I see at compass.com I can get this main board for $109 with free shipping. Guess if I get no help here that’s what I’ll do.
  • eenaefeenaef Posts: 3
    Well this forum was a waste of time.
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