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XTi 6002 doesn't power up

Hi, I have a XTi 6002. When I turn it on, it's up for 2 seconds and then it auto-turns off. Have anyone had the same problem?
I have a video:


  • I have a Crown DSi 6000 that does the exact same thing. Let me know if you find out the cause.

  • MicrosimMicrosim Posts: 2
    edited December 2019

    Crown amplifiers are getting harder and harder to fix, No support from crown, they dont care anymore about technical support like in the 90s.

    This is really disappointing from them.

    It wont be easy to repair that amplifier my friend.

  • It's a pitty. I had just discovered that. At least a "repair manual" would help. No informatio. No support.
    What had happened?

  • yo te ayudo

  • The amp is probably seeing a short circuit in the output power stage. An output device (fet?) has probably failed; the short circuit event on the rails is detected by the SMPS short circuit protect circuit and pulling the modulator off. Since the modulator is off, the AC online relay is now turned off, leaving the amp with no power, basically disconnected from the AC.
    If an output device has failed, replace faulty devices and refurbish all the other output devices. Check and replace the heat detector foam if necessary. When testing output devices always have the heatsinks installed!


  • djmancodjmanco Posts: 3

    Ok. Thanks to averyone for the help. Will see if with Scytech data I can do something.
    First I have to bring the amp back from the imported. I gave them the unit to repair it. They asked USD 1800 just to replace the power supply unit, and then see if it works.

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