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xls1002 with Marantz 7011

Hi folks,

Looking for some guidance into the best configuration for my new Crown xls1002 amp.

My current setup consists of

Marantz 7011 AVR
Crown xls 1002 - driving L/R channels (KEF R 900's)

The Crown is connected by RCA, stereo mode, crossovers turned off, input sensitivity set to .755 HIGH, gain currently set to 3/4.

My question relates to the input sensitivity, the manual points towards .755 however another post on this site talks about 1.4 being the right option. Assume this relates to the additional avr and Speakers.

Can someone please confirm if i should set the input sensitivity to 1.4 or leave at .755


  • EHallEHall Posts: 5

    I have a Marantz receiver also and I use the. 775v. I think the 1.4v is mostly used for the balanced XLR inputs.

  • Correct.


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