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RMS, Program, Continuous, Peak

Hey y'all. New here. The question has probably been asked 3 million times, but I can't find an answer through this site's online search.

If my speaker says 500w RMS, 1000w Program, 2000w Peak . . . What should my amplifier output be in RMS? I know it may sound stupid, but I am not sure what's what. If my amplifier (hooked up to the spark above) output is 700 watts RMS, I believe that at some peaks in the music, it will distort. Can I get a little education here? LOL All I want to do is pair the right amplifier with the speakers I have (properly). Don't want to over-power them, don't want to starve them. Thank you in advance.


    The manufacturer's rating in continuous power, or program power of the speaker is what the speaker can be fed without overworking them. If the continuous rating of the speaker is 700 watts, then ringing an amplifiers that is 50% more should do the job efficiently. So in this case, an amplifier rated at 1050 watts would be a good match for the speakers. If that speaker is 700 watts and you will be running two in stereo, then an amp capable of putting out at least 1050 watts per side at the correct ohms rating, will be sufficient.
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