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Change polarity of XTI2 amps

How do I change only the polarity of e.g. channel 1 of my xti6002 amp in the Xover menu, but I don't want any further Xover settings, because for that I'm using a DBX PA2. Am I right that I still have to enable one of the filters (LP or HP) of channel 1 so the polarity setting will take affect.
Gr. Paul.


  • If the setting is not available, then modify (reverse phase) an existing cable: reverse the polarity on one end of the balanced line. Note the mod( red tape) on the cable for future reference.
    Note : Is this reversal needed because of the sub signal? Don't forget that out of phase signals from the same source can nul itself, especially in the lows, and should be avoided. Try placing the sub elsewhere.

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