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A couple of questions for you guys about xls series 2

Hi, first time posting here and I have a couple of questions. I figured it would be the best place to ask since my questions are specifically about Crown amplifiers.

I currently own one xls 1002 and I plan to buy another to install a 2.1 audio system in my place. First of all I'm wondering about the link out feature on the back of these amps, and if I used it to send the signal from the first amp to the second amp, would the original signal be degraded in any way? And secondly, when using the internal crossover network, how would I go about finding the best crossover points for my speakers to achieve the most seamless transition between my main speakers and sub? My main speakers have a low frequency limit at 80hz, the sub I need to buy and plan to use has a frequency range of 40hz - 120hz.

Thanks to anyone who may take the time to answer this post.


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    EHallEHall Posts: 5

    I would try crossing them over at 100 to 110hz at first and possibly lowering them a bit if you don't hear any distortion. I was also wondering about linking my 3 lsx1502's with the 1/4 inch plugs so I wouldn't have to run 3 sets of rca's to them.

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