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Questions about Crown XLS DriveCore 2 Series of Amps

aarmathaarmath Posts: 1
edited July 2020 in Crown Amplifiers

Hi folks!
Have a few questions specifically on the XLS DriveCore 2 series amps (1502) -

  • Are these amps Full Bridge topology?
  • When XLR & RCA inputs are connected to different sources & playing simultaneously , I am presuming, audio signal from both sources will play out simultaneously. Yes?
  • Is it desirable to keep the mechanical power button in the ON position & use the mains switch to power ON/OFF the amp?
  • Is it ok to frequently switch the amp on/off as and when required? Or should I keep the amp ON for extended period of time?
  • Since the DAC converting the analog in is capped at 48 Khz sampling frequency, will this affect analog content derived from higher frequency sampled source files like 24-Bit/192 Khz. et al?
  • Is there any noticeable EMI radiation that necessitates the use of specialized shielding cables?

Thanks for taking the time out guys!


  • FasenFasen Posts: 1
    I'd also like to know if two different sources can be connected at the same time on the xlr and rca inputs. I have a stereo system and a hometheater system that shares subwoofers, so I an amp that can take two sources at the same time (not playing at the same time though)
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