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Daisy chain, or loop, several XLS amplifier with the same signal.

Asume I have say 5 XLS amplifiers to power 10 speakers in a hotel, 2 speakers per floor. One XLS driving each floor.
I want the same signal for all the hotel. So I plug the signal to one of them and I guess I daisi chaim the rest, this is to say 2-1/4 jack to XLR of the next amplifier. ¿Is this correct?
¿What happens when I want to swich of one of the floors that it is in the middlle fo the daisy chain?, ¿Is the signal going throw the amplifier that is switch of?. Lets say I daisy chain from one to five in that order ¿is the signal coming to the third if I switch of the second?
Thanks a lot


  • Is this thread still alive? :)
    Are the amplifiers close to each other or are they remote? If close by, yes daisy chain from amp to amp.
    Note: XLR balanced input is parallel with the 1/4" balanced jack; unfortunately, RCA jacks are 'unbalanced' and perhaps not to used for daisy chaining.
    If amps are remote, then use a booster amp (when required) to drive the longer distances.

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