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Digital Audio with DCi N Amps

I have a DCi 4|1250N in my home M2 setup. The amp has analog inputs but obviously has an A/D conversion to take advantage of the DSP capabilities. The amp also has digital inputs via BLULink. I am using my setup with both analog and digital sources. I have a few questions that will inform my decision on how to best integrate the DCi in my setup.

1) Any info you can provide on the device used for the A/D or any specs? Or at least, how does it compare to that found in the BSS BLU-BIB or BLU-50?

2) Can you confirm that that BLULink audio is kept in the digital domain directly into the DSP? Ie, there is no double-conversion to analog and back to digital before the DSP.

3) Does the Drivecore amp stage accept analog or digital input? Ie, is it doing something fancy with integrating the D/A into the modulator, or some other internal aspect of the amplification? Or is it just a traditional D/A on the front end?

4) Is there any conceivable way to get digital audio into the amp without having to purchase something like a BLU-120 with the Digital Input card? I see the BLU-USB and BLU-PCI, but I can't be tied to a PC.

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