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Bridging xls 2002

Can I run 2 600 watt 4 ohm subs with this amp mono in bridge mode? By daisy chaining then it would be a 2 ohm load correct? Safe to do with this amp? I get a different answer no matter who I ask. Thank you very much.


  • EHallEHall Posts: 5

    Daisy chaining them will give you a 8ohm load. I would run them in stereo instead. Just don't hook up both positives and negatives together in bridged mode. That would make a 2ohm load and probably burn the amp up.

  • It is recommended to use an amplifier with twice the rated power of the speaker for headroom purposes. For the 2600W subs use a 5200W amp, operating at half power. Use the extra power (6dB) for headroom purposes.
    Note: It is not recommended to use an amplifier at 2 ohms, because of the heavy current load induced on the power devices. The devices will soon run hot and in need of thermal cooling, or else! Extra fans may be needed to cool down the radiator portion (if accessible) of the amp.
    Clipping is the speaker's worst friend!


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