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DSi 4000 limiting error

bogdan2390bogdan2390 Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in Crown Amplifiers

Hi. I am getting LIMITING error on display and the sound it s going down and it does not go up anymore. Why would do that? How can I fix it? I cannot change the firmware because Audio Architect does not find any update. Any help would be much appreciated. I paid a lot for it and I really want to make it work.


  • Limiting occurs when the amp is trying to output power above its tolerable limits. Detection of clipping events are recorded within a specified time period and the more clipping events occur, more the amp will try to 'lower' its output level, sometimes with drastic heavy limiting effect!
    Try to lower your input signal input, keep clipping events to a minimum and make sure the amp is not too heavily loaded (> 4ohms per side). I know it can do 2 ohms, but you'll need a lot of headroom to limit clipping events! The best solution would be monitoring the amp for half power and using the rest for headroom, thereby limiting clipping events.

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