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CROWN DC300A - Output / Driver Transistors & other

Hi all,

I'm refurbishing my CROWN DC300A and I need to replace some of the output and drive transistors.

In my crown I have the following :

  • Outputs : RCA 62085
  • Drivers : RCA 3626

I've been searching around the forum and I've seen people using MJ21194 for the outputs.

However for the drivers, I did not come to a conclusion which ones would be the best.
I know some people used MJ15024 for the drivers, but while the amp work, distortion and oscillation will be the end result.

Can someone help me?

And since I'm doing this overhaul what other critical components would you recommend to replace?

Thanks in advance


  • The choice of replacement components are the closest choice to the original values. If you have distortion, then it's not from the power devices. Bias could have changed; Replace output emitter resistors; Thorough cleaning and replacement of thermal paste on all power devices; Inspect and replace, if necessary, input caps (and all other out of value electrolytic caps!), especially the low voltage rails. Beware of trimers!


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