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I need to convert an Itech 8000 from 120v to 220v, can you please advice? thanks

Itech 8000


  • ArtArt Posts: 7

    I need to convert an Itech 8000 from 120v to220v, please advice, thanks

  • It should work fine at 220V. Verify the rating next to the power inlet : 120V~220V! or is it 240V???


  • ArtArt Posts: 7
    Do you have the wiring diagram to convert it from 120v to 220v at the plug?
  • No mod! The ITech SMPS amp supply will accept AC voltages from 120 to 240V.
    For example, just replace the 120V AC plug on the original power cable and add the correct 220V plug to your needs and connect to a 220V AC source!
    Basically, just replace the original 120V power cable for your appropriate 220V version.

  • ArtArt Posts: 7
    I want to use the same cable and just replace the plug, 120v has a hot, neutral and ground and 220v has 2 hots and ground, what is the wiring diagram for that application?
  • Yes, a bit confusing : connect the power cable hot wire to one of the plug's hot terminal and connect the cable cold wire to the other plug's hot terminal. Both commons are connected together.
    You had 120V between hot and cold and now 220 between the two hots.


  • ArtArt Posts: 7
    So, the cable that I have has a black(hot) white(neutral) and green (ground) that is for 120v
    and for 220v it will be black (hot) white(hot) and green (ground)?
    For 220v it requires 2 hots
  • Correct! :)

  • ArtArt Posts: 7
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