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Newbie with a DL2 Looking for Power Module

Hi Guys,

Just found this site, looks interesting. I picked up a DL2 preamp for cheap, but without it's companion DL2 Power Module......so the search is on. Are these PMs around out there in the ether.......or are they like hen's teeth. I'm not seeing a Classified section on here, so can anyone point me to where folks buy and sell used Crown gear.........other than the obvious places like Ebay and Facebook Marketplace?

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Bob...
    As time passes, this fine but older gear is slipping away, but it's there. I recommend searching for text like, "Crown DL2 Power Module", "Crown DL2 Power Supply, "Crown DL2 Controller Power Module", "DL2PS", and similar. If you don't have a presence at AudioKarma, you might consider looking into that. I was fortunate enough years ago to finagle not one but two of these equisite pieces of gear, but never managed to find an EQ2 to go with them. You may also get lucky and find someone who wants to part with a pair, a complete system. As us old fogies pass on to wherever they've chosen to go in their next life, their possessions are usually passed on to family, and in many cases, sold in lots at auctions, or yard and estate sales. Watch those, too. You already know that anything of this age and complexity may very well have anything from no issues to simple issues, to complex issues, and I've posted a great deal on my forays through those weeds.
    Rich / HiFiGuy

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