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DCI 4 600 won't power on

It has sufficient power, mains indicator is green, but power button does nothing & no other lights. I've disconnected all wiring to eliminate those possible faults, checked the fuse, etc. Does anyone know any trusted repair shops? I'm in a very rural location & will have to ship it to be repaired. I'd much rather have it repaired than replace it. Or if someone is familiar with this issue & has suggestions I'm open to that as well.


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    You probably have an SMPS Primary issue. Further diagnostics will be needed to hypothesize a failure.

    However, the following failure is frequent. PLEASE BEWARE IF YOU WORK LIVE ON THIS UNIT! HIGH VOLTAGE PRESENT! AUTHORIZED TECHS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This goes to say, for any electronic equipment inspection.

    In the Primary section, a high voltage to low voltage regulator (+15V) is used to bootstrap the Primary's modulation switching circuit. If the +15 goes low, no power to the modulation circuit. Perhaps once failure has been detected and resolved some other gremlin might pop up.
    Recommendation: Send to authorized service center. Intricate work needed! :)
    Hope this helps!

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