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Macro Tech 9000i firmware - current version number??

What is the most current firmware version for the MA9000i? Looking at my MA9000i through Audio Architect, mine shows It has shown this version ever since I have owned the amplifier (for several years), and through 3 Audio Architect upgrades, including the most recent one (Dec. 2021 - ver. 2.45).
Should Audio Architect be upgrading the firmware of the amplifier? Is there a newer firmware version for the MA9000i amplifier?



  • nojoconojoco Posts: 23

    Update - contacted Crown about this. The firmware of has not changed since 2016. The firmware files are located in the "Program Files" directory under Harman. Navigate to the "Firmware" folder to locate the firmware file for the amp. The firmware file will have a date on it showing when it was last updated.

    This issue is closed.

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