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Daisy chaining amps

Hi All,

After a little advice on daisy chaining amps please. I understand the general concept but my setup is a little different than standard (or so I think).

I have two XLS 2502 amplifiers.
1) Stereo mode, driving a pair of speakers
2) Bridge mode, driving a single subwoofer

My question is how do I daisy chain the amps and get a stereo signal from amp 1 into the single XLR input on the second? I understand I can daisy chain channel 1, but I’d be missing out on any bass signals that are sent to channel 2. I was planning on using this:


Hopefully my question makes sense!

Thanks in advance.


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    You can only use input Ch1 when using the Bridge mode; then, only the L or R signal could be used in this configuration.
    However, if one had a spare stereo audio interface, then 'mixing' the L + R signals, signals panned dead center, the master output of such a configuration now has 2 mono feeds! Use either one for Ch1 input.

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