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XLS202 usage question

Hi, bought a house and it came with a XLS202 amplifier for the outdoor speakers. They are set up so the audio source is a really nice but analog receiver. The receiver has an iPod dock and aux inputs, but nothing digital will send signal through the amp to the speakers. I read in the receiver manual that digital signals will not run through the aux input. SO- is there any reason why I cannot connect an iPod docking station or bluetooth receiver directly to the amp and run it that way? Love to know what you all think, as I have very little experience with audio stuff like this. Thank you all!


  • scytechscytech Posts: 148

    The receiver, being a 'preamp', can buffer (boost) digital gear output signals before sending, typically, to an amplifier. (The same signal is also available and sent to the receiver's amplifier. Unless, no amplifier is available in the receiver!)
    The problem with this type of setup is the output signal strength of the iPod or other digital devices. We are using the receiver's preamp to boost the signal to a level accepted by the amplifier. Just using the headphones output of the digital gear, the signal is usually not strong enough and also may corrupt the signal through impedance mismatch issues. Ideally, a line level preamp, mixer or audio interface with enough inputs for your gear and perhaps, think for the future and plan for additional inputs, should be used.
    So, digital gear outputs to preamp (whichever!) to XLS input to speakers!

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