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How to connect my CE 1000 in bridge mode for my subwoofers

I would like to connect my CE 1000 in bridge mode for my subwoofers.
I have two 8 ohm subs wired in parallel to give me a 4 ohm sub.
I would like to know how to connect the input (XLR) and the output with a Spekon cable.
People told me that I had to have a "Y" cable with speakon connectors to connect the 2 outputs to the subs, but I don't know why?

Can you help me?


  • scytechscytech Posts: 146

    If I remember correctly, start by setting the CE in BRIDGE mode; Then you can use Ch1 as your main input.
    Connect the load+ to CH1 + o/p and load- to CH2 + o/p. The loads are now connected between the two red posts.
    Use Ch1 control level as master control. You can set Ch2 level control to MIN, through I believe it doesn't matter, the Ch2 input is bypassed because of BRIDGE mode switching.

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