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Crown XLI 1500 level knobs dB range

djteteidjtetei Posts: 4
edited August 2022 in Crown Amplifiers
Crown XLI 1500 amplifier has level (gain) knobs on the front panel to control the input signal.
Can anyone, please, tell me how many dBs there are between two level markings?
I use this amplifier to power two Jamo C95II floorstanding speakers rated 165 W continuous / 330 W peak at 6 ohms.
The master signal is controlled by an Allen Heath mixer with nominal output level of 0 dBU.
The Crown XLI 1500 input sensitivity is set to 0.775V (0 dBU).


  • scytechscytech Posts: 146

    Can't say... Let's say that the AH nominal output (balanced!) @ +4dbu = 1.228V RMS, we could say then that the 0dbv output can be in the vicinity should be around .775V.
    So basically, you should have the levels full up on the amp and use the AH set to 0VU for MAX output.
    Mind you, if the XLI has full levels up, it may now be noisier. Bear in mind, if you lower the levels on the XLI, you may need to gain stage the AH to have the same MAX power @ .775V input!

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