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Audio Architect SUM I/P feature issue Help

SO I have a number of Crown XTi's, I am "trying" do the following, which works for the most part but the issue follows.

-Plugging Rt signal into Ch 1 & Left signal into Ch 2
-I am wanting to SUM both R&L so I select SUM I/P
-I then modify the Cross Over to only allow Ch1 to pass Low Freq for Mono Subs and Ch 2 to Pass Mono Highs to the high end.

This works fine for the actual output BUT I SEEM TO LOSE Channel1 and Channel2 independent volume control from the front panel and I need to resort to Audio Architect for the level controls between the Lows on Ch1 and Highs on Ch2.

I dont understand this, limitation.... Can someone please explain what I dont understand here, I like to mix sometimes more or less highs in to blend the mix between high and low, while mixing the R&L signals so all R/L stereo signals are captured in a mono end result. I run the rest of the system in full stereo.

Thx, Mearle


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Front panel level controls are pre-DSP, therefore, before the A-D converter.
    Since, the DSP controls the crossover parameters, you wouldn't be able to control lf or hf content from the front panel level controls. Use SA, as suggested.

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