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Which Vintage Crown 2-Chan Amp pair should I buy?

Hi all, new here.

I have an opportunity to purchase one of 3 possible Crown Amp pairs for my home entertainment system. One Amp will power my woofers in my front Polk Lsim707 pair and the other will power the woofers in my rear Infinity Kappa 7.1 ser II's (2 nice tube Amps will be powering the mids/tweeters of each pair), so:

SET 1. PL-3 and PL-4 (both silver face, and the tube Amps are both silver face. And all 4 will be in the same rack)
SET 2. PS-200 and PS-200 (both black face)
SET 3. PS-400 and PS-400 (both black face)

I can also mix take one PS-200 and one PS-400.

So, what do you all think I should pick? They are all a reasonable price, so that really isn't a factor for me. And they are all in perfect condition. If I pick an unequal power pair I will use the lower power Amp for the rears.

My main first detailed level question is; should I go with the PL type or the PS type? Which is better for home theater applications? Are there any key differences between these series that would be a key deciding factor? Also, is one series older than three other?

Thanks for any assistance!


  • SnifferSniffer Posts: 1

    How about a freshly serviced Macro Reference Esoteric amp. Plenty powerful.

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