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Channel 1 on my D150A power amp has gone quiet

Hi Folks, newbie here...I recently bought a pair of Crown D150As (one badged Amcron) and a Straight Line Two.
After about an hour's total play over a few days, on the Crown badged amp, all sounding great, the left channel suddenly stopped...here's the symptoms -

I checked all possible connections...all seem fine
Symptoms -

* On switch on...sends a thump thru the speakers...still does. Other amp does not.
* when it was working, it ran hot. Casing above transistors was hot.
* worked fine on both channels using a CD player...then I connected a tape recorder...pressed "Tape 1" on SL2...it worked fine for a minute...then channel one went quiet.
* tested again with CD...right channel 2 is fine...but when this channel is turned down, and channel 1 turned up...there is sound/music...but just a whisper...so somehow it's lost almost all amplification on Ch1.

I did a basic check (you tube video help) on all the main transistors using a multimeter...they all seemed to give similar/matching results...but I'm not a techie...so I've no idea if the results are significant or not. My gut tells me it's a duff capacitor somewhere...but that's as far as I got.

The other power amp is working ok...so it's not the SL2. I do have the manual and service manual for the D150a.

Any suggestions, advice, help would be most welcome. I'm in the UK, Scotland btw.

Thank you in advance


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