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Subs using a Crown XTI 4000

Hi, I have 2 Crown XTI 4000 amps with EV Tour X 18 inch passive subs and 15 inch tops, currently I run them using 1 amp in x over mode and use the 2nd amp for monitors, I’m thinking of adding another set of 18’ subs and 15 inch tops and use both of the 4000 amps to run them. So now my question, would it be better to use 1 amp to run 4 subs and the other amp to run the 4 tops ? Or leave it in X over and daisy chain the amps ? If I use 1 amp strictly for subs and the 2nd amp strictly for tops, what setting would I run the amps in ? And would it automatically crossover ? Looking for suggestions. Thanks


  • nojoconojoco Posts: 31

    Whatever you do, you will still need a crossover. I think using 1 of the 4000 amps to run both subs is the best option, and use the other amp for the tops. You will want to throttle down the amp a few db for the tops, you could burn the drivers with too much power. Use a xover of 90hz to start. Tailor it as needed.

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