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Crown XTI 4000 with EV Tour X subs and tops

Hi, I have been using my Crown XTI 4000 amp in X over setting and sending channel A to the subs and channel B to the tops, I have EV Tour X 1181 subs and 1152 tops, I was reading some of the speaker specs and it says you can run the speakers parallel, just wondering if anyone is familiar with this set up and if it would make any difference with X over vs. Parallel ? Thanks


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    nojoconojoco Posts: 32
    edited March 1

    Running speakers in parallel just means connecting one of the speakers to the other (that is already connected to the amp). Connecting 2 speakers in parallel will drop the ohms (from what the amp sees) in half. Therefore, if you have an 8-ohm speaker attached to one of the amp channels, and then attach another 8-ohm speaker to the same first one, this will present a 4-ohm load to the amplifier. For your setup, this will make no difference for the xover.

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