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XLS 2000 - No display


I'm trying to repair this amplifier with the following problem:
Display shows nothing, just light up.
With display in place there are no error codes.
With display removed CH1 Thermal LED blinks 1x & CH2 Thermal LED blinks 2x.
According to the service manual (p5 & p82) the problem is 'LCD Communications Fail'.
Is the display faulty or is it the IC U706? (Microcontroller) ?
Problem here is to get these parts!

I appreciate any help you can give me.
Best regards.


  • scytechscytech Posts: 144

    I assume the amp is working and can deliver sound to speakers. The pots do the level work;
    Verify that the board's ribbon cable header is greyish, white (good). If it is the black header version (bad), replace the header and cable. After replacement verify operation.
    If the header is white (recent version), verify the 5 volt regulator. If regulator ok, then the lcd display is probably at fault. I believe a replacement part is available online. Else, I would recommend contacting Crown for a replacement module.

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