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Phonic PAA3 as RTA mic?

TiminatorTiminator Posts: 2
Hi there,

I'm planning on using a 260i to tri-amp the front channels of my home theater. I'd like to get a Phonic PAA3 to do RT60 measurements and was wondering if this would work as a mic for the DriveRack.

Since I'm not a pro-audio guy, I know almost nothing about phantom power, impedance matching, etc. I'll be driving the DriveRack with my Outlaw Audio model 990 pre/pro with XLR outputs. From there, the DriveRack will feed some Crown XLS amps and a Gaines Audio Model 244 balanced line interface which will in turn feed my Rogue Audio Magnum 120 tube monoblocks. The Rogues and one of the Crowns will feed my Magnepan 2.6r's (minus internal passive XO) while another Crown feeds my twin 10\" subs in individual 70 liter sealed DIY enclosures.

Links to gear mentioned:
Phonic PAA3 Audio Analyzer -
Gaines Audio Balanced Interface Model 244 - http://www.gainesaudio.com/big244.htm
Outlaw Audio Model 990 Pre/Pro - http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/990.html
Magnepan 2.6r Review - http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.pl?forum=MUG&n=64953&review=1

- T


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I haven't heard all that much about the PAA3 but it is looked down upon by the pro audio community, all Phonic equipment is...even more so than behringer. Now I haven't seen or used it but I'd have to say that no It wouldn't be able to use it for the mic in the Driverack. All RTA based measurement devices are looked down on by the pro's though, because the measurements are based soley on frequency/spl and do not take time coherence into consideration. The problem is that a reflected signal can totally cancel an arival 180 degrees out of phase, making it look to the measurment system like the=at sound is totally missing... Jon Wilder has one and perhaps he could better answer your questions... I'll give him a shout and see if he will join in...

    The 260 can also perform the RTA measurement and all you would need is a good measurement mic. I have a BEH and a RT-1 Peavey mics and I'd have to say the Peavey is far more accurate, but if I were you I'd opt for the Audix which is around $200. The Driverack series have wide input and output capabilities to be able to be used with a wide range of input and output voltages... and a bunch of high end audiophiles use them in their systems... The DRPA in some instances has been accuesed of some HISS by some users, I haven't been able to duplicate their problems except with bad gains tructuring practices (small input signals boosted great amounts... GIGO).

    The 260 really is a remarkable device that really sounds good for the price.. if price were no object I would recomend the XTA processors, but @ nearly $4000 for the same type processors... too rich for my blood!

    I used to have magnapans (MG2a's) way back in the day, Now my audiophle system uses custom built 12\" coaxial cabinets that are phenominal, and some custom 10\" horn loaded subs using a carver C1 and Digam power amps... this aint you grandpa's typical system and is capable of bone bending volume. Here's the link to the speakers, and I used the BM12 cx38 drivers...

    Keep me infromed please I'd like to know how it goes..
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    sweerrasweerra Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    Is there any microphones that can hear soundwaves from far away? and can some microphones hear when there is alot of noise?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    What are you getting at here? There are mics called 'line plus gradient' mics that can help capture distant sounds, but this mic would have a ultra cardioid pattern (highly directional)... but were more interested flat frequency response (the flatter the better) and omni directional behavior for measurement purposes.

    There are noise canceling mics that can help eliminate droning and monotonous sounds, I still have to wonder what your getting at here?
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    stadjastadja Posts: 1

    Hi All
    Just purchased a Phonic PAA3, and I have a couple questions that I hope someone will be able to answer.
    I spoke to Shure the UK dist. for Phonic products and they were unable to answer my questions, I think they were reading the same manual as I was, my company.
    The manual doesn't really explain how to use the various functions very well.
    Question 1:
    The PAA3 has three weighting settings A, C, FLAT, A&C no problem, I can work them out, but what is FLAT and what would you use it for?
    Question 2:
    In the memory function, you can clear all the previous readings, by simply pressing A/C, but I am unable to clear the AVERAGE readings boxes (A-F) I know when you enter a new reading that it overwrites the previous one if you save it, but I still would like to clear these boxes because it is a little confusing to see all the boxes full of data.
    Any solutions much appreciated.

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