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Connection without subwoofer

shallom4usashallom4usa Posts: 26
edited October 2008 in Connectivity
Hi guys, I am a rookie here too who need some help. I just purchased a DBX PA 2 weeks ago. I will be using the driverack with my 4 babies, 2 powered Behringer B215A and 2 powered JBL EON10. All 4 are Active. I don't have a subwoofer because these 4 speakers are more than enough for all my shows and has been good to me for the past years. I now want a new sound with this dbxpa.
Now, how do I hook them up to the my driverack ? What are the safety steps to follow because I don't want to blow my speakers up. Help!!!


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You know when someone like you comes along we just shake our heads and think here we go again...I don't mean to dump on you but the headline here says READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING...and there is a reason for that...This exact question .. \"How do I best ...insert two different speakers de-jour...my system to optimize it for this system...Well the answer is sell one or the other and buy 4 of the same speakers .. or cover different parts of the audience, and don't let the coverage patterns overlap.. or you'll have CRAP. Although I gather that this system has been working GREAT for a year or so...so this means you don't know what I'm talking about and you think I'm a jerk for saying this stuff.. the thing is, in the READ ME FIRST section you will find almost all the the information you need to optimize almost ANY system but those with DIFFERENT speaker types... The problem is.. the speakers have different characteristics, and DON\"T PLAY WELL TOGETHER...overlapping patterns on speakers that have different characteristics, and coverage patterns cause interactions that cause cancellations, lobes, modes and nulls...Were all about EDUCATION here...and if you had read the FAQ's and all you would know most of this already...were NOT real fond of GIVING all the answers.. because you didn't LEARN anything... and with a device like the Driverack comes a certain responsibility...and a steep learning curve which your responsible for. Again I'm sorry for busting you balls here but after thousands of people skirting the policies here we have to start insisting that you follow the rules.

    You now know you have a problem.. two different types of speakers .. with different coverage patterns. I've told you to either sell one set and get a matching set, or use the odd speakers to cover a different area of the room...that means you cannot set them up side by side, facing strait out, and expect them to play nice... you need to find out what the coverage of each speaker is, and deploy them so that the coverage patters DO NOT overlap... More than that you will need to research yourself, and when you have come back with some specific questions...You will find a ton of answers in the READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING.. section, and that's why we put it there...

    Good luck and good reading,
  • Thanks a lot for the reply. I know better now. Thank God for you. A friend of mine almost mislead me couple of days ago by trying to connect the 2 Behringer215 to the \"High\" and 2 JBL to the \"Mid\", that is why I join this forum today. I will sell the JBL on eBay and get more Behringer. Thanks again.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I hope you have better luck with the Behringers than I did..Two pairs..two that let the smoke out of the amps... and they weren't even out of warranty...I've had a lot of Behringer EQU go through my place and none of it had this much trouble.. I have a pair of Pyle Pro's that have been through HELL and never whimpered..the Beh's were in a Karaoke rig that never went ANYWHERE and were used with big subs and crossed @120hz and STILL smoked...SUX Just thought I'd tell you that, and BE CAREFUL the connectors are the cheapest Ive ever seen... broke one just plugging it in! That voided the warranty too by the way.. $500 worth of JUNK...

    Sorry to unload on you last night but I was crabby..

    Be well
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