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260 and full range

ciph7ciph7 Posts: 2
Just got a 260 and want to save 2 setups. First is a pair of 18\" full range cabinets. How do I configure for a full range setup. Second is 4 18\"folded horn subs and pair of custom 2-way mid/highs cabs? Im a newbie so as much detail as possible would help. I have the RTA mic, FYI.
thanks in advance


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Fine...but you still need to READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING (section at the initial screen) and if you had... you would know we need ALL the info on the:
    Speakers (what MFG... model/// number of speakers... or what components... what cab design... who designed the cabs.. web site? Any and all pertinent info.. like \"they were (______) speakers that we put (_________) drivers into...\"
    what you have done to this point
    What the system (s) will be used for...
    any and all info is necessary for any meaningful help
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Go to the Drive Rack Training Modules tab above and download the 260 tutorial. It will really help you a lot. Then download the 260 Driveware GUI and play with it. Do that, then read through the READ ME FIRST section. Then come back if you are still confused.

    Gadget....quick fingers.

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