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Drive Rack PA or 260



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    Thanks Gadget,
    Yes it does answer the question. My plan is to purchase a power amp that can deliver at least 600watts to each TLS-5 at 8ohms stereo (currently only 300watts @4ohms mono). That should at least drive the speakers at their ratings... I think. Then I can run the system in stereo (not a big deal), and free up 1 old amp channel for another monitor mix. That means re-doing all of my DR260 setup... :shock: :shock: :shock: DOH!!!
    Feel free to offer your 2 cents on my plans. I know we have strayed away from the dbx topics, but I'm sure we will be back.

    Good thing this stuff is fun :P
    Thanks again
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    No.. not away just watching the amazing Dra and Dennis chew through the topics... :wink: I have been busy getting ready for some summer concerts.. rig is all gone through.. tuned and raring to go! ll the cables are tested and the rig is a plug and play wonder... Should be a rockin little system with 10,000 watts on the mains and 6000 on bi-amp monitors! Street concert in Hibbing MN for Dylan Days...parade the whole works. Yorkville Elite 220-4's over LABsubs (no place to hang the 12\" 2 ways and I need to get some height so the Yorkies over the labs should rock like CRAZY...(well .. they do, the people just don't know it yet... :shock:

    As for my $.02 you need more power...Get the most power you can afford.. Actually the rule of thumb is more like 2x the rated power (for headroom) so that would be 600 watts...

    The Crown XTI 4000 would fit the bill...(Northern Light and Sound has the best price on these...)

    If you can't swing that the BEH 4000 would be the least I would suggest...

    Well there it is...
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    Man would it ever be great to play through a rig like that. You must have your own generators and roadies. I have a hard enough time getting enough power just for our lights :?

    I'm not sure if NLS delivers to Canada, but when I consider exchange and possible duty, I can get that amp for near the same price here. There seems to be a lot of extra processing on that amp that may require me to learn more... come on I'm gettin full :lol:

    I was considering the Peavey CS3000. Same ratings, roughly the same price, and I have had good luck with Peavey over the years.

    While we are on the topic of speaker placement... we are now... what is a good height for the mains above the audience. The standard poles, that mount the mains above the subs (about 42\" long), put the bottom of my horns about 6.5' off the floor. I'm not up on my speaker theory, I just worry that the highs are just shooting over everyones heads (except the basketball players). Comments anyone?

    38 days until I retire :D
    After 30 years at Michelin Tire :P
    Finally free at age 49 :o
    I'll be able to play with my toys full time. :lol::lol::lol:
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Depends on the crowd size wally...Remember that the horns have a downward (Vertical) throw pattern...as well as a horizontal...That's not very high...mine will be about 8' to the center and angled down to the crowd...expecting up to 500..

    Actually that is only 4 speakers.. and 3 amps for that setup, I can set it up in less than an hour...

    If power is an issue.. the more efficient the amps the better..

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